Building Automation

Buildings today require smarter and better technology that makes it easier for you to more efficiently manage your buildings. Our technology provides an intuitive, mobile platform that gives you the power and flexibility to manage your buildings more efficiently, reducing cost, and providing a better indoor environment and smaller environmental footprint.

Upgrades, Retrofits, and Integration

Benefits of Upgrading your BAS

Your building has a life cycle: design, build, use, maintain, replace or recycle. Placing computer hardware on a three or four-year replacement schedule is considered a best practice by many corporations. These same upgrade principles apply to the building automation software in your holdings.

  • One of the most significant benefits of upgrading a system is the ability to take advantage of new system technologies. During the past two decades, systems have vastly expanded in both capacity and capability.
  • Replacing a BAS also staves off obsolescence. All system designs have a finite service life, typically around ten years.
  • System replacement also offers facility executives the opportunity to more closely match system features and capabilities with facility needs.
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If the system in your building is a Tracer Summit system, your controllers have been moved into Legacy status as of 2014. What this means is that Trane is no longer producing these controllers but will support as long as parts are available. The upgrade path for a Tracer Summit system is to first replace the BCU(s) with Tracer SC and second, replace the proprietary unit controller with BACnet MS/TP open protocol controllers. Upgrading the backbone of the system to SC(s) will allow you to take a phased approach to replacing your BAS.

Ensuring that your BAS is up-to-date and operating on the latest software is critical to protecting your investment. Upgrading the building automation infrastructure will allow you to take advantage of technology changes and prepare you for the next generation of changes to come.

Upgrading your BAS should be considered routine maintenance and part of your building life cycle plan. It’s no different than how you view home maintenance. If your roof leaks, you fix it. But after a while, you determine that the maintenance costs are too high and that it is more beneficial for you to replace. Once you’ve upgraded your roof, your maintenance costs go down and the life cycle for your roof starts all over. Likewise, upgrading the BAS is an investment into the future of your building – extending the life cycle.

Benefits of Smart Buildings Include:

  • Increased equipment performance
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Increased occupant comfort
  • Optimized building performance and operations
  • Decreased hot and cold calls
  • Decreased troubleshooting time on root problems
  • Reduced unplanned downtime and costs
  • Risk mitigation Potential for LEED credit
  • Possible Tax benefits
  • Optimized building performance

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Expert Retrofits

BAS R’newal Program

Trane® BAS R’newal™ is a controls program designed to economically make existing building automation systems more effective and improve building
performance and efficiency while providing a path for easier future upgrades.

New technologies that make managing your building easier, including Web-enabled and remote access, wireless communication, open controls and a consolidated automation system.

Cost-effective upgrades help your existing equipment perform more effectively and efficiently — without the cost of a full system replacement. We utilize Trane Control Systems, which allows your existing controls to remain for a phased upgrade approach leading to the eventual replacement of all legacy controls.

Migration options to fit your plans and budget, so you can replace or upgrade legacy equipment and controls over time, on the schedule that best fits your needs.

Ensure success of your new building system, with Trane as your partner throughout the process to provide expertise, training and ongoing support, and to give you complete peace of mind.

Uncover opportunities to further improve efficiency of your building and drive energy performance by utilizing valuable building information.

Customer performance reports summarize the impact of BAS R’newal for proven results and identify additional opportunities to enhance efficiency and performance results.

Trane BAS R’newal allows you to take advantage of new technologies and capabilities, while maximizing existing assets and making future growth easier — whatever the future brings. It’s just one more way that Trane adds life to buildings and improves the lives of people within them.

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Innovative Integration:

The key to driving value from your building is integrating your controls system. Hunton Services can help you consolidate your building management into a single platform that is open, scalable, secure, and easy. At Hunton Services, we have multiple Certified Energy Managers® (CEM®) within our BAS division ready to assist you ensuring your system is secure and optimized.

The Tracer SC and Tracer Ensemble software package allows for remote access to your BAS system, e­mail receipt of alarms, enhanced graphical trending, built­in energy conservation programs like static pressure optimization on a VAV system, and many other features.

Tracer Building Automation Systems (BAS) are web-enabled, flexible, and scalable controls platforms that support a variety of open protocols and industry interface standards. Trane Building Automation Systems solutions provide optimized energy efficiency, and deliver reliable, integrated, and sustained HVAC system performance through innovative applications over the life of your building..

Services Agreements

In addition to your preventative maintenance strategies, Hunton Smart Services offer a proactive predictive approach to building operation and maintenance.

Hunton Smart Services are implemented by facility analysts who are highly experienced in the maintenance of automation, control, electrical, HVAC and mechanical systems. Should an issue be identified, it can either be address remotely, or where necessary, trigger an emergency response by a highly trained technician. The result is a more consistent and efficient environment with optimized mechanical equipment and system functionality allowing for proactive maintenance to support you preventative maintenance plan.

Hunton Smart Services

With the addition of Hunton Smart Services to your building automation system, we will utilize analytic technology to perform perpetual commissioning on your building.  Reporting includes a building report card with actionable items that allow your building to operate at peak operational and energy efficiency.