Proper maintenance and repairs of equipment and systems have both an immediate and long-term positive impact on the performance of your building and, ultimately, its cost to you.

Reap the Benefits of a Proactive
Maintenance Strategy

Hunton Services Builds Value

How much could your company save if your building system met or exceeded the highest standards for energy efficiency and reliability?

If the performance of your HVAC and other systems have gradually deteriorated since the installation and startup of your equipment, your building is siphoning away dollars that could be applied to your bottom line. Hunton Services can help improve your profitability by ensuring that your building is working as hard as you are. Hunton Services is committed to providing building owners with the lowest life cycle operating costs through planned or outcome-based maintenance programs.

The key is preventive maintenance. By planning ahead and addressing maintenance needs on a systematic, scheduled basis, you can save significantly and virtually eliminate unplanned downtime. Hunton Services has expertise in the repair and maintenance of all AV (Average Voltage) brands of HVAC equipment, boilers, pumps, cooling towers and can provide temporary emergency AC equipment rental.

Don’t let your building drag down your profits, contact us today to find our which service agreement and maintenance plan best suits your bottom line.

Scope of Services

Complete Energy Optimization

Chiller Plant Optimization - Modeling - Monitoring
Asset Planning - Remote Energy Management Services
“Hunton Smart Services”

Mechanical Services

Chillers /Air & Water-Cooled Maintenance - Repair - Installation - Replacements
Controls - Engineered Solutions - Emergency Rentals

Cooling Towers / Pumps & Valves

Maintenance - Repair- Vibration Analysis- Turnkey Retrofits
Alignment - Controls - Cleaning


New Instillation - Maintenance - Major/Minor Repairs - Control - Repairs

Indoor Environmental Solutions (IES)

Filter Maintenance - Duct Inspection & Cleaning
Ultraviolet Lighting - Photo-catalytic Filtration - Dust Collection

Air Handling Units

Refurbishment / Replacement - Maintenance Turnkey Retrofits- Alignment & Vibration Analysis

Air Distribution

VAV / AHU / Fan Coil Repair & Maintenance
Laboratory Fume Hoods - Turnkey Retrofits

Building Automation Systems

Open Protocol, Internet-based Systems - Connectivity Through
Fiber Optics - Turnkey Retrofits - Repair / Maintenance
Remote Access - Thermostats / Sensors - Digital Electronic &
Pneumatic - Programming - VFD’s - Retro-recommisioning

Fabrication & Manufacturing

Explosion Proofing Class I, Division 2 - Weather Proofing
Structural Skids & Protective Coatings - Custom Designed Air
Handling Systems & Pressurization - Packaged Central Plants
Custom Fabrication & Modification

Industrial & Rental Services

Rentals for Cooling - Heating -Power - Dehumidification
Chillers - ACU’s w/ electric heat - Portable Air
Cooling Towers - Diesel Generators- Transformers, Pumps,
Duct Hose - Heaters - Humidifiers & Compressors & more!

Lease-to-own Rental Options

Unitary HVAC Comfort Cooling- Process Absorption/Ammonia
Chillers - Process Centrifugal, Scroll, & Screw Chillers
Compound Cascade Systems, Multi-stage Centrifugal Systems
Multi-stage Gas Compression

Service Agreements

A Hunton Services, multiple maintenance agreement offerings help ensure that the plan you choose will meet the inherent demands of your mission-critical and risk management objectives—from increased reliability and operating efficiency to clean environments and asset optimization.

With our preventative maintenance agreement, factory authorized service technicians perform the periodic maintenance needed to keep your systems running at their best, so you no longer have to plan, schedule, or manage routine maintenance. We’re fully trained to perform maintenance on Trane HVAC equipment and other brands you may have in your building. Our knowledgeable service technicians use proprietary Six Sigma maintenance procedures to deliver the highest level of quality.

Because all our maintenance activities are delivered in a planned manner, our service technicians provide a lower cost alternative to the ad hoc service calls you may be paying for today.

Take control of your building system maintenance; contact Hunton Services today.

Upgrades and Retrofitting

Houston’s existing building market consists of many buildings which fail to meet best practice environmental and economical standards. This situation is a challenge for both owners and operators of existing buildings as they attempt to stay competitive in a growing market.

Hunton Services offers turnkey factory services for the upgrade and retrofit of Houston existing buildings. Alongside enhanced long-term building sustainability, we use our local knowledge to assess and benchmark current systems and significantly improve your building's efficiency.

HVAC chiller upgrades keep your Trane chiller system running at maximum efficiency, minimize service calls, eliminate surprises, and controls your total cost of operation. Trane HVAC chiller upgrades help make your existing chiller better. Trane can replace worn parts, adapt chillers to changing operating conditions, or enhance the reliability of the chiller by installing the latest and most reliable products offered.

Adaptive Frequency™ Drive Upgrades
Adaptive frequency drive (AFD) improves CenTraVac chiller performance by providing safe, efficient inlet guide vane and compressor motor speed control combinations. This HVAC upgrade ensures the most efficient part load operation possible. Also know as Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) or Variable Speed Drives (VSD).

Rebuilt CTV Motor Upgrades and Replacements
Replace or Rebuild your Trane CenTraVac® Chillers Motor using OEM rebuilt HVAC motors from our industry leading remanufacturing facility in Charlotte, NC. Using remanufactured motors is more environmentally responsible than purchasing new. Multiple options allow you to reduce downtime while upgrading your motor to current OEM standards.

EarthWise™ Refrigerant Purge Upgrades
One of the other HVAC upgrades Trane offers is the EarthWise Purge, which is designed to remove air and moisture from low-pressure chillers while minimizing refrigerant emissions. The patented Earthwise Purge is the most environmentally responsible, lowest maintenance purge available today.

CTV Chiller Starter Replacements and Upgrades
Replacement and Upgrade CTV chiller Motor Starters designed and tested to integrate with Trane Chiller System controls are available for voltages from 200 to 13,800 Volt. Across the line, Wye Delta (Star Delta), AutoTransformer, Primary Reactor, and Solid State Starter types are all available. These starters are integrated into the HVAC chiller controls for optimum performance.

Tracer AdaptiView Control Upgrades for CTV Chillers
Upgrade your Trane CTV Chiller Unit controls to Tracer AdaptiView™, the latest in HVAC chiller control technology. The Tracer AdaptiView Controller optimizes chiller performance by allowing the chiller to adapt to rapidly changing load conditions. This user interface features multiple BAS interfaces, a color touch screen display, and modular sensor technology.

Engineered Conversion Refrigerant Upgrades for CenTraVac® Chillers
Trane’s Engineered Conversion service is another of the HVAC upgrades Trane offers chiller customers. This HCFC Refrigerant conversion enables Trane to re-engineer your chiller to optimize it for your specific operating conditions while changing to more cost effective, environmentally responsible refrigerant such as R-123 and R-134a.

Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical Service Repairs Planned Maintenance Maximizes Return and Minimizes Risk

At Hunton Services, you will find a team of factory-trained technicians who proactively manage the maintenance needs of your equipment. Preventative maintenance saves your time and dollars.

With a preventative maintenance, you not only get more life out of your equipment and more energy-efficient operation, you can save an estimated 12-18%* of your budget compared to making reactive repairs. (Trane)

Case Study: Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Our Strategic Maintenance Plans

A Hunton Service our Strategic Maintenance Plans provide you with a choice of maintenance agreements. These options ensure you select a plan which meets the inherent demands of your mission- critical and risk management objectives.

Smart Services & Remote Monitoring
  • Alarm Notification
  • Active Monitoring
  • Energy Assessment
  • Building Performance
  • Energy Performance
  • Remote Inspections & Tech Support
  • Benchmarking
  • Energy Conservations Measures
  • Reduction in Downtime
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Scheduled and Routine Maintenance
  • Contract Pricing
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Reduces work repairs by $35 on average (JLL Study)
  • Priority Services
  • Ensure Peak Performance
  • Asset Planning
  • Energy Optimization
  • Reduce OpEX and Capital Avoidance
  • Mitigate Risk and Unplanned Labor & Equipment Costs

Trane Factory OEM Solutions

As Houston’s only Trane OEM, Hunton Services can offer factory exclusive benefits to our customers.