Energy efficiency is one of our core values. We proactively identify deficiencies, repair issues, optimize systems, and maintain building facilities which reduce your total cost of ownership.

Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Every Market

Our Market Approach:
Prescribing Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) without understanding the constraints and operational requirements of the system delivers failed projects. At Hunton Services we engineer every approach to ensure that the outcomes are measurable and sustainable for the operational life of the project. Understanding the analytics and constraints specific to that application reduces the Total Cost of Ownership. Our Total Cost of Ownership methodology includes maintenance and system longevity, in-depth calculations, operational savings, and an 8760 hour energy usage analysis. Additionally, key performance indicators such as occupant productivity and market perception can also be articulated.

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Operational and Efficiency Assessments

When you choose a Hunton Services audit, one of our energy engineers will visit your site to interview your facility manager, inspect your lighting, air conditioning, heating, and ventilation equipment, controls, refrigeration, air compressors, water consuming equipment, and everything else using energy. Our assessor may also take measurements of temperatures, pressures, light levels, power draw, and/or other data. In addition, the assessor will ask for permission to get copies of your utility bills and information.

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    Recommissioning & Optimization

    Building Commissioning is the preferred method for ensuring that building systems are installed and operating to provide maximum performance and in accordance with project requirements. Architecture and Engineering firms dominate the new construction commissioning market, and for good reason. They act as the owner’s agent – separate from the contract chain – and they have contractors from each trade who are required by the construction contract to make sure the building systems are operating as designed.

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    Ongoing Commissioning

    Today’s automation systems give building operators an abundance of data. Often there is so much data that most building operators only have time to check two or three data points with any regularity. The rest of the data is stored for a 30-day cycle until there is a failure of some kind, and then the service company for that system will look for the data they need to diagnose the issue. It is usually at this point that the owner discovers they aren’t storing the right BAS points or they are storing them at a time interval that makes it virtually worthless for identifying the root cause.

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    Turnkey Retrofits

    After getting to know your facility through a service contract, Engineered Site Assessment, or a Re/Retro-Commissioning project we would be proud to implement your identified Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM). This is where we differentiate ourselves from many other efficiency experts in the industry.

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    Measurement, Verification, and Sustainability

    Performance contracting was built on the concept that an outside company would pay for upgrades to a facility and then be repaid by the facility owner out of the utility savings. The idea is simple, the documentation is not. Each month the performance contracting company reports to the facility owner how much money they are owed based on the calculated amount of money that WOULD have been spent without the upgrades.

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    Energy Supply Services

    Hunton Services can help with the implementation of an energy supply management program. These programs protect your organization from the negative financial impacts of price swings in the natural gas and electrical power markets. Successful programs apply forward-looking market analysis to your organization’s needs and risk appetite.

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    High Performance Buildings for Life