We work safely and seamlessly with HRS to provide you with mission critical solutions.

Our Industrial Services

Hunton's Industrial Plant Services Group provides qualified technicians to service, troubleshoot,  and repair your process equipment. We also provide temporary solutions to meet the high demand  of your production needs. Hunton's Industrial Plant Services and Hunton Trane Rental Solutions  work as one to minimize downtime and to mitigate any unforseen risks.

Safety is our first core value: Nobody Gets Hurt.

Our services include:
  • Unitary HVAC Comfort Cooling
  • Process Absorption Chillers
  • Process Ammonia Chillers
  • Process Centrifugal, Scroll, and Screw Chillers
  • Compound and Cascade Systems
  • Multi – Stage Centrifugal Systems (Nominal and Low Temperature)
  • Multi – Stage Gas Compression
  • Cooling Tower Repair
  • OEM Trane, York, Carrier, Frick, Vilter, Bitzer, and more!

Process Refrigeration

Hunton Services Industrial Plant Team provides installation, service, repair, and maintenance for process refrigeration equipment operating on ammonia or halocarbon refrigerants. Contact us today for your service needs.

Industrial Comfort Cooling

At Hunton Services, we understand the correlation between production and comfort. To address this issue, we maintain a highly trained workforce to address comfort cooling needs. We service, sell, and maintain standard comfort cooling equipment and equipment rated for classified areas. We are dedicated to improving processes. Contact us today to improve your indoor air quality.

We work hand-in- hand with our Trane Rental Services team to provide temporary cooling and power solutions for shutdowns, turnarounds, and emergency situations. Click here to view our full line of services.