We will help with implementation of an energy supply management program. These programs protect your organization from the negative financial impacts of price swings in the natural gas and electrical power markets. Successful programs apply forward-looking market analysis to your organization’s needs and risk appetite.

In addition to reducing costs, we will improve the reliability and expand the capability of your existing infrastructure and building systems. With Energy Contracting, we will boost the energy efficiency of your building, reinforcing positive return on investment.

Our energy solutions will support ongoing operations and reduce costs without impact on operational cash flow or capital investment. We will help you modernize or increase facility capability with best first costs and total cost of ownership, including expediting future improvements. Perhaps you are looking to reallocate wasted spend to a more productive portion of operations. With our services, you can address deferred maintenance and optimize current resources while simultaneously conducting strategic life cycle planning.

As an Energy Services Company (ESCO) accredited by NAESCO, the Trane® portfolio provides a broad range of energy solutions, including design and implementation of energy savings projects, retrofitting and improving existing systems, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation and energy supply, and risk management solutions. And because you are looking for ways to help make your buildings more efficient, reducing spend and improving the reliability of existing products and services are top of mind when it comes to efficiency. Trane® will help you cut costs and improve performance with select services or a customized consultation plan that can even include guaranteed first costs. Our Energy Contracting services are cost-effective and, over time, can largely pay for themselves with minimal impact on cash flow or capital investment required.

Let Us Run Your Energy Procurement So You Can Run Your Business

Trane Energy Choice™ manages energy suppliers and contracts to meet your needs with prices and contract terms that help you reach your goals. Over time, we have built a vast connection of vetted, reliable energy suppliers. Our attention to detail means you are free to do what you do best- run your business. When you turn to Trane Energy Choice™, you will not have to spend valuable time shopping for the best price. We act as a vehicle for energy suppliers and effectively lower their customer acquisition costs, so they pay a fee directly to Trane Energy Choice™. You will never see an invoice from us for this service.

We will present you with offers for a like-for-like comparison and help you understand the differences among the offers.

You do not have to be an energy expert when you enlist the help of Trane Energy Supply Services. That is our job. But we still want you to have all the resources you need to gain a deeper understanding of the current energy market and what is ahead. Timely publications, webinars, and seminars offer insights that can help you keep abreast of the market as together we maximize your current and future energy spend.

Additional Energy Supply Services

Power Factor Review evaluates invoices for power factor penalties and provides high-level payback analysis of ways to correct them. This helps you determine the best retail contract structure to pursue for cost savings.

Peak Load Management reviews historical energy usage data and provides consultation to curtail consumption during peak demand days. Our peak load management helps you achieve reduced transmission and capacity charges you may have previously been unaware of to minimize your electricity costs.

ERCOT Load Resource customers who can change their load in response to an instruction and can meet certain performance requirements may qualify to become Load Resources (LRs). Qualified LRs may participate in ERCOT’s real-time energy market (Security-Constrained Economic Dispatch, or SCED) and/or may provide operating reserves in the ERCOT ancillary services (AS) markets.

Energy Asset Scheduling Coordination uses certified energy professionals around the country to optimize the scheduling and dispatch of electric-power-generation. This is your assurance that knowledgeable personnel will manage all RTO transactions to minimize errors and fit your business strategy.

Energy Asset Dispatch monitors power prices 24/7/365 and notifies you when generated electricity should be used or sold. Our certified staff knows the hourly, day-ahead, and future markets, getting you the most return on excess electricity generation and capacity.

Wholesale Market Access program is for large industrial or institutional customers that use wholesale volumes of electricity, and possibly generate some of their own power. Our Wholesale Market Access program reduces costs by $1-$7 per MWh by removing the third party supplier from the equation.

Regulatory & Legislative Monitoring utilizes the Regulatory Update for timely analysis of key regulatory and legislative developments that effect the price and reliability of energy. This information provides you with advanced knowledge of conditions that may affect your energy use and supply so that you can plan accordingly.

Energy Price Forecasting & Commentary leverages our comprehensive, ongoing participation in the energy marketplace and enables us to see market trends and quantify price risks. This future-forward view provides the ability to more accurately plan your energy use for maximum cost savings.

Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Market Reports and Publications help you keep current on the market with timely publications that provide data and discussion surrounding electricity and natural gas market fundamentals.
Growing your energy knowledge puts you in a better position to meet your energy needs as cost-effectively as possible.

Webinars & Seminars which cover timely overviews, regional outlooks, and in-depth analysis of energy topics. Renewable Energy is growing in its importance to the ERCOT grid.

Renewable energy’s inconsistency in power generation provides challenges to many, and opportunities to the few who know how it will supply the grid during periods of high usage. If your facility is considering a renewable energy installation, let our professionals evaluate the economic and environmental impact alongside other energy savings measures which could reduce the size and cost of the installation or allow you to sell more back to the grid for additional revenue.