Single Source Responsibility

After getting to know your facility through a service contract, an Engineered Site Assessment, or a Re/Retro-Commissioning project, we will implement your identified Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM). This is where we set ourselves apart from many other efficiency experts in the industry. Our history of top quality mechanical and building automation service makes us ideally suited to implement your efficiency improvements. When we identify, engineer, and implement EEMs, you know there is a single point of responsibility to ensure it works as promised.

We Provide Turnkey Retrofits for These Systems:

• Lighting
• HVAC & Controls

o Chilled Water
o Condenser Water
o Airside

• Refrigeration
• Compressed Air
• Electric Motors & Drives
• Process
• Steam
• Heat Recovery
• Renewable Energy Applications
• Building Envelope Upgrades

Project Development

In today’s world, we are all asked to do more with less. We understand that performing the work is often the easiest part of the project. The real challenge is figuring out where to start. That is why our team of industry experts will work with you to understand your facility, its unique challenges, and your goals.

Just because a project has been identified and qualified as feasible, does not mean it will move forward without funding. We know that, for many organizations, capital project funding is hard to come by. Budgets are tight and every dollar is accounted for. Projects are weighted based on their urgency and benefit to the company. That is where we can help. We have several creative ways to help energy savings projects move forward. By tracking this improvement to the operating budget these projects can help pay for others in the future.


Property Assessed Clean Energy programs allow building owners to get low interest rate, long-term financing for projects that provide a reduction in energy costs greater than the finance payment. This keeps projects’ cash-flow positive and can be a great option for non-profit organizations that have difficulty raising capital or for Class A office spaces with Triple Net Leases. Since the PACE loan is assessed through the property tax, both the burden and the benefit are passed along to the tenants.


We have the ability to finance projects for you if you need of an emergency replacement and do not have the available funding.


Whether handled locally or through Trane® (Department of Energy (DOE) recognized Energy Service Company (ESCO) since 1998), we can take on any performance contracting project.


Utility Incentives are an important part of offsetting the initial cost of implementing energy savings projects. We maintain close relationships with local utility companies to understand their incentive offerings and we take those into account when developing your project.