When you choose a Hunton Services audit, one of our in-house engineers will visit your site to interview your facility manager and inspect all of your energy consuming utilities. Our assessor may also take measurements of temperatures, pressures, light levels, power draw, and other data. Additionally, the assessor will ask for your permission to access copies of utility bills and information. We will then prepare an operational assessment report that contains the following:

• Description of Building’s Energy Consuming Equipment
• Description of Equipment/Pictures
• Assessment of Equipment Condition with Recommendations

o Ongoing Maintenance
o Repair
o Overhaul/Rehabilitate
o Replace

• Estimated Remaining Usable Life
• Budget for Items Requiring Major Work During Next 5 yrs

We will also include a building level efficiency report containing the following:

• Calculation Building’s Energy Use Intensity (EUI)
• Bench-marking Data with Other Similar Buildings
• Estimate of Energy and Costs Savings if Building Meets EUI Target
• Analysis of Bills to Determine Whether Changing Utility Rates can Provide Savings
• 3D Mapping of Facility’s Energy Usage (Smart Meter Required)
• Description of Building’s Energy Consuming Equipment