Humidity Management

Uncontrolled moisture in buildings can contribute to unacceptable indoor air quality, occupant discomfort, and damage to the building structure and furnishings. One source of building moisture is water vapor contained in the indoor air.

ASHRAE Standard 62-2001 recommends maintaining indoor relative humidity levels between 30 percent and 60 percent. Humidity levels less than 30 percent cause some people respiratory discomfort while humidity levels over 70 percent near surfaces for extended periods of time promote the growth of some forms of mold and fungi. Today, microbiological contamination (mold and fungi) is a common cause of occupant complaints and IAQ problems in buildings. Microbiological colonies can grow in or on various building elements and furnishings, including carpets, ceilings, sheetrock, walls, and within the HVAC system. In Texas, we are the experts in humidity manage. Call us today to improve your air health.