EST. 1981

A History of High Performance Buildings and Business

Since 1981 when RO Hunton first founded Houston Trane as a subsidiary of The Trane Company, large and small customers have relied on Hunton to deliver innovative systems, professional OEM service, comprehensive solutions, and Trane's high-quality products - all from one source for your convenience - and from a company you can trust.

Hunton Services was created in 1998 to form a full-service, turnkey solutions provider to meet the specific needs of our commercial, institutional, industrial, and process application customers. Our varied services include: Energy, Building Automation, Mechanical, Indoor Environmental Solutions, Industrial, Rental, Engineered and Fabricated Products, and Emergency Services.

In addition to world-class systems and innovative solutions, The Hunton Group is known for its expert and reliable people - the team that delivers energy efficient HVAC systems, top-notch facility service and parts support, sophisticated open control systems, and financial solutions.

"Our ultimate goal throughout the family of Hunton Group companies is seamless service and 100% customer satisfaction," says R.O. Hunton, President and CEO. "We have structured our organization to better coordinate our considerable knowledge and resources to help make our customers' jobs easier and to bring real added value to the table."

Hunton Ranked Top 10 Midsize Companies

Hunton Group placed 17th in midsize companies in the Houston area based on our employee surveys. For the 9th year, we are proud to have won “Top Workplace” (for a mid-sized company) in the Houston area based on surveys of our employees. In addition, in 2022, we have been recognized as a National Top Workplace the second year. Read more here. Read more here...

Hunton Group is the Largest Trane Franchise Office in North America

By partnering with the most recognized and trusted brand in the industry, Hunton Services offers our customers cutting edge technologies and factory solutions. As Houston’s Trane OEM, we go beyond the building – to the people who are working, learning, healing, storing, and innovating.

The Trane brand is defined by four pillars: Performance, Innovation, Commitment and Knowledge. Performance - Customers experience efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability 24/7

Innovation -Trane brings new ideas, problem solving and an inquisitive look and guidance to impact energy efficiency and sustainability

Commitment - Customers can trust Trane to deliver loyalty, passion and dedication to their mission

Knowledge - Trane’s legacy of excellence delivers knowledge and the true expertise that customers trust We are proud to be Houston’s only Trane OEM.

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