High Performance Buildings for Life

Delivering energy efficient HVAC systems and top-notch mechanical services.

High Performance Buildings for Life

Trane’s high-quality products since 1981

Why Hunton?

It is our mission to customize a solution that delivers the lowest total life-cycle cost of ownership for the operation, ownership, and maintenance of your mechanical systems. We are a proud member of the Hunton Group family of companies, and as Houston’s Trane OEM since 1981, we are ready to assist you with any phase of your energy project in any market- from engineering and design, to maintenance and continual commissioning. We speak the language of buildings, and we understand that every building has a purpose.

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Health, Safety, & Environment

Safety is the foundation of our culture. Ensuring “Nobody Gets Hurt” is our first Core Value. We believe in providing a safe work environment and instilling safe work habits in our employees through training and continuing education. What keeps Hunton safe?

  • Full-time Safety Director, Tommy Denning
  • Loss Prevention Systems (LPS) and mandatory Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Ongoing goal to maintain our Experience Modifier Rating (EMR)
  • Ongoing goal to maintain our OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rates (TRIR)
  • Office and Field Safety Committees
  • PPE for all employees
  • “Stop. Think. Act.” Initiatives & Safety Incentive Programs
  • Monthly Mandatory Safety Training
  • Basic Plus for All Employees

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What’s Happening?

Want to keep up with all of the latest Hunton Happenings? Be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our informative quarterly newsletter. Engage with us, and discover HVAC tips and tools, new equipment offerings, and industry news.

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1. How do I request a quote?

Submitting a quote request is easy. You can call our main office number at 713-643-8336 and our receptionist can place you in touch with a solution sales representative, or you can email marketing@huntongroup.com, and our team will forward your request to the appropriate person. Our website “Contact Us” form-fill can also be used to submit quote requests.

2. How do I schedule a service call?

The quickest way to schedule service is to call our main line at 713-643-8336 and someone will assist you with your request. This phone line is available 24/7 for your benefit.

3. I have a question about my invoice, who do I contact?

For questions about your invoice, please email customerservice@huntongroup.com or call our main line at 713-643-8336, and our receptionist will ensure that you speak to the correct resource coordinator.

4. Who do I call for Trane technical support?

The first person you should contact is your sales representative. Though we can provide you with a phone number for Trane National, they will not usually answer technical questions unless you have a Trane employee on the line with you.

5. What is the latest version or replacement of summit?

There are multiple products Trane offers to replace your summit system, including Tracer® SC and Tracer ® Ensemble ™. To find out which solution best fits your building’s needs, contact your sales representative today.


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