Delivering Adequate Levels of Clean Air

Delivering the right levels of outdoor air quantity and quality to the interior of a building is essential. Adequate levels of clean air combined with occupant activities and building contents determine the ventilation air requirement for the maintenance of sufficient Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

The failure of systems to deliver the quantity of outdoor air specified in the design can be caused by outside conditions, poor damper control and operation or inadvertent closing outdoor air intake dampers. Ultimately, since many commercial building ventilation systems are used to provide cooling and sometimes heating, it is important the thermal control scheme is effectively integrated into a system, which meets outdoor air supply requirements under all thermal load conditions. If your equipment and building is aging, it is important to talk to your solution sales representativechedule a time for them to assess the air quality and energy optimization.

Hunton Services designs and installs ventilation systems which deliver:

  • Sufficient intake of clean outdoor air or filtration and cleaning of poor quality outdoor air
  • Effective ventilation supply and distribution
  • Effective thermal control
  • Adequate outdoor air supply in hot, humid climates, without creating moisture problems
  • Acceptable costs for ventilation equipment and its operation